Automation Solutions

Custom Bot Development

Looking to digitize and automate your workflows? The TrueFocus Automation team is here to help.

TrueFocus can help you implement your digital workforce aka “software bots” to make your processes more efficient and enhance your customer experience. Our team will guide you throughout the life cycle of the project, from the process discovery phase to the final deployment of the bots. We take complete ownership of the project and ensure full transparency in communication, project management and while delivering a premium solution.

We are well aware that each customer has unique process needs and customization requirements and may not be sure of where and how to begin the automation journey. We spend sufficient time up front to assess the readiness of our customers before embarking on their RPA journey and advise them on the proper approach and resources required to deliver a successful outcome.

We design, build, test and implement RPA software bots according to your specific requirements for a one-time fee. Once the bots GO LIVE, we transfer ownership to your internal team and offer contracted maintenance support.

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Automation-as-a-Service (AaaS)

Our “Automation as a Service” model is a unique and complete end-to-end solution that will support and guide you through the entire life cycle of RPA implementation and governance. Our team will engage with yours from the discovery phase to help define an overall strategy and approach for the RPA program. We assist in the identification of the processes which are prime candidates for automation, develop, and deploy the bots, while managing the bot governance once live.

TrueFocus team will take complete ownership of the process post-deployment of the bot, including exception management if any. We ensure bot uptime and service level adherence through the life of the project. Customers receive daily reports providing insights on volumes processed and the performance level of the bot.

We design, build, test, and implement RPA software bots according to your specific requirements and host the bot in our cloud using our RPA software licenses. Pricing is on a transactional basis and is all-inclusive. Monthly usage commitments may be requested prior to bot development.

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Title Hunter

Our network of software robots, “bots” deployed to automate the process of online residential title searching. Our bots are designed using RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology which replicates the steps a searcher would take to complete a title search.

Flexibility – easy plug and play solution, customization offered
Speed - searches are completed in 1-4 hours
Accuracy - eliminates data entry and fatigue-related errors
Availability – bots run 24 x 7
Scalability – scales easily based on volume requirements
Savings – average targeted cost savings of 40%

Think Bots for Title Search