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About Us

TrueFocus Strategic Consulting LLC dba TrueFocus Automation is an RPA (robotic process automation) solutions firm launched in 2018 and based in Plano, Texas.

We guide our customers through their transition away from repetitive and manually-intensive operations to ones that are automated, thus becoming more efficient, accurate, and scalable at a lower cost.

Our team will design, build, implement, and manage your network of software robots to provide the most optimal output possible.

Our Mission

To provide the most efficient and accurate software “bots” to the US mortgage and title insurance industries.

What is RPA?

RPA is the design and implementation of software robots programmed to run on a physical or virtual computer, to complete mundane, repetitive manual tasks without the need for human intervention.
Solutions for your business

Why TrueFocus?



Our leadership team has been supporting the US title insurance and mortgage industry for 20 years.


Our clients appreciate our ability to adjust to unexpected changes in their development requirements.


Premium and stable solutions at better than market rates.


We identify opportunities that are best for our client and if they don’t make sense, we’ll tell you that.

Building Bots for the U.S. Mortgage and
Title Insurance industry


Who Do We Serve?

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Title Agents & Underwriters

Streamline title
and escrow

Lenders & Servicers

Automate manually intensive mortgage and servicing processes

Brokers & Investors

Expedite your property research and portfolio analysis

Abstractors & BPM Firms

your repetitive
business processes
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TrueFocus Automation

6009 W. Parker Rd. Ste 149-883

Plano, Texas 75093