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Case Study – Legal and Vesting Searches

We automated the search process for Legal & Vesting property reports which can be…

Case Study – Electronic Property Sale Registration

Automation of electronic property sale registration process in the states of MN & IL.…

Case Study – Document Hyperlinking

Automation of the process to hyperlink various documents to a title commitment.

Case Study – Automating Stale-Dated Checks / Escheatment Process Management

Automating the workflow to manage the stale-dated checks/escheatment process.

Case Study – Automating Post-Close Ledger Balance Reporting

Automating post-closing ledger balance reporting for a title insurance company

Case Study – Automating Disclosures Issuance

We automated the process of issuing disclosures to the buyers and sellers, via DocuSign,…

Case Study – Automating New Order Creation

We automated the process of creating a new order within a title production system…

Case Study – Automating Title Update Searches

Title search updates is an ideal process to automate using RPA tools.