“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” – Lao Tzu

For TrueFocus Automation, our journey started with a casual phone call between co-founders Jimmy Lewis and Sridhar Loganathan, two title and mortgage industry veterans and former colleagues at SLK Global BPO Services (now known as Coforge).

During the call, Sridhar shared his interest in pursuing a new entrepreneurial venture and introduced Jimmy to the potential of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), explaining how this technology could revolutionize the title and mortgage industries. With defined roles, responsibilities and a clear corporate vision, they established TrueFocus in late November 2018.


Our Background

While this call proved to be the genesis of TrueFocus Automation, our foundation includes over 20 years of industry experience. For Jimmy, that foundation began in 2003 after leaving the broadband infrastructure industry. He soon accepted a partnership opportunity at a small mortgage brokerage in Irvine, Texas., where his experience caught the eye of SLK.

During his tenure, he helped to grow the company’s title insurance client base through sales, marketing, leadership and more and was instrumental in establishing the India-based company’s first U.S.-based operations center. After leaving in 2014, Jimmy spent time at a couple of other BPO firms, including one he founded himself. It was at this time that he received the call from his former colleague, Sridhar.

Like Jimmy, Sridhar spent over two decades developing deep expertise in the title insurance and mortgage industries. He played key roles in operations management, process improvement and automation, training and development, transition management, business development, new product development, and, of course, Robotic Process Automation.

He worked with SLK Global from 2001 to 2018, leading SLK Software’s RPA Center of Excellence (COE) and scaling it across multiple functions and domains. Sridhar also managed several other large BPO operations across multiple locations, including India and the U.S., within the banking, mortgage, and title insurance verticals for several clients.


Building TrueFocus Automation

Thanks to this experience, both founders realized how many title insurance and mortgage companies were underutilizing their employees’ skills and potential by relying on them for repetitive, mundane tasks. They saw the potential in equipping each employee with an RPA bot to act as their own digital assistant to perform these repetitive tasks and allow them to take on more challenging, value-added responsibilities. From Day One, TrueFocus Automation’s mission has been to provide the most efficient and accurate software bots to these industries.

For nearly five years, Jimmy and Sridhar have worked to lead by example in establishing their company’s culture. They take a hands-on approach and are still deeply involved in the details of every customer’s project, attending most client review calls and ensuring follow-up on any action items discussed. They also collaborate closely with their operations and development team every day to ensure TrueFocus meets its customer commitments on time and with the highest quality.

It is through this leadership that TrueFocus Automation is establishing a world-class team. A spirit of entrepreneurship permeates through the organization, empowering everyone to contribute ideas and work without fear of failing because that is simply a step on the journey to a breakthrough idea.  We also take time to celebrate achievements and milestones, acknowledging and rewarding accomplishments to reinforce the value of each contribution.


Where We’re Heading

While it’s important to recognize where we’ve been, even more important is where we’re going. That means staying up to date on the news around us and the topics we care about in every way possible.

Jimmy and Sridhar also maintain an active schedule, regularly attending conferences and webinars and participating in training programs to stay informed and ahead of the curve. We’re already seeing Artificial intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) play significant roles in the RPA industry. These technologies will be key enablers for unlocking the full potential of RPA by improving the accuracy and reliability of RPA solutions and allowing for more complex and intelligent automation. Rest assured, TrueFocus will be at the forefront of these implementations for our current and future customers.

The journey of a thousand miles may begin with one step (or phone call), but TrueFocus Automation is taking bold strides toward a brighter future for the title insurance and mortgage industries.