The title industry is all about customer service. If the real estate market remains healthy in 2022, as has been predicted, now is the best time to take a look at your customer service initiatives and make sure you are ready to meet and surpass the expectations of your customers when the market heats up. Part of that preparation will include empowering your staff to address those needs.

Experienced title agents know that the most important customer service components are proactive communication, attention to detail, follow through on all requests, effective instruction around the closing process, fidelity to compliance requirements, and innovative processes that make the entire escrow and closing process a breeze for your clients.

But before you do all those things, consider incorporating what may be the first or foundational principle of effective customer service: listening empathetically. Something that’s not easily done when your customer-facing employees are too busy keying and rekeying data into forms to take more calls or emails.

The one thing that can really make a title company stand out is the ability to empathetically listen and comprehend the unique needs of this client with the complexities of this transaction. The title and escrow process can be thought of as a repetitive process. But it is not repetitive for your customers, especially for your home buyer and seller customers.

What your real estate agent and lender customers want to know is that you are there to assist with the special circumstances that inevitably arise in the course of their transactions. If they feel heard, reassured and helped with the unusual issues that arise, they will surely be back at your door with their next transaction in hand.

And of course, always be thinking about what can make your processes more effective so that the communication and reassurance you are offering is a constant through the escrow and closing process.

But it’s hard to do that when your staff is busy doing data entry or “stare and compare” tasks instead of putting time and focus into complex client service. There are many necessary but simple tasks involved in the title transaction that, while crucial to the end product, are not client-facing. These tend to draw human resources away from client service (or marketing or quality control…) when they don’t have to.

At TrueFocus, our aim is to improve your processes by automating your most redundant tasks. We are confident that deploying RPA to improve your processes ultimately frees up your staff to take on the most human of tasks: listening to the needs of your customers so that your title and escrow professionals can resolve issues in a timely manner and get everyone to the closing table.

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