By now it’s clear. The title industry, by and large, is working hard to automate most of its manually intensive production tasks. Part of this mini revolution, we believe, is the availability of specialized technology. As we’ve said in the past, some agents or title-related businesses don’t have the resources for a full-on, multi-function platform. But now, agents can pick and choose different solutions based on their unique needs and pain points. We at TrueFocus spend our days helping agents with that and developing custom bots to help alleviate those workflow chokepoints.

Some agencies don’t have the wherewithal for specialized technologies or, at least, to have them built to order. And that’s why we created Title Hunter®, an RPA-based solution designed to serve as a digital assistant to your title examiners. Our vision was to assign a digital assistant to all title examiners that can run in the background and provide a “Ready to Exam” search package. As a result, examiners can spend their precious time reviewing Title Hunter’s® output and preparing the final search package in less than half the time compared to the current approach. Title agencies of any size understand that one of their most expensive resources is their title examination unit. And yet, these valuable resources spend a lot of time on repetitive and tedious tasks. Tasks such as name and property index, assessor, property tax, Pacer, Patriot, and Judgment and Lien searches, document downloading/naming/stacking, and Update searches are crucial to the title search process but can be very monotonous and time-consuming. The costs associated with these tasks are a significant portion of a title search. Instead, these tasks could be handed off to technology like Title Hunter®, giving your examiners more time to focus on highly complex tasks and customer-centric activities.

Our research indicates that Title Hunter® usually makes an examiner at least twice as productive as they were using manual or proprietary means to complete a title search. In one case, the average time spent by our client’s examiners to process a file dropped from 40 to 15 minutes after engaging Title Hunter®. Examiners were able to process 30 files a day…about a 170% increase from the 11 they averaged before Title Hunter®. In addition to the improved productivity, the client also lowered their turn times from 8 hours to about 2.5 hours.

Title Hunter® searches are available now across 11 states, offering multiple products including Legal & Vesting, Current Owner, Two Owner, 20 years, Updates, and soon to cover 17 states, with more to come.

When it comes to automating the title process, nobody needs to be left out. And nobody needs to bankrupt their businesses just to make this investment. That’s why we introduced Title Hunter®, and that’s why we’re hearing from more of you every day!

Photo courtesy of created by onlyyouqj