“Where focus goes, energy flows.” – Tony Robbins

We believe in the power of focus, truly. Everything we do is for the purpose of helping our clients become more efficient and profitable while providing a better overall experience for their employees and customers.

While 2022 was a transition year for our industry, we’re proud of all that TrueFocus Automation accomplished. We maintained a full complement of employees. We also greatly expanded our Title Hunter® solution and contributed over $600,000 in savings to one of our underwriter clients by increasing their Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Center of Excellence (CoE) from 10 bots to 22.

While 2023 is already underway, we felt it was important to update our clients and industry colleagues on what we’re prioritizing for the year ahead. Here are the top three projects we’re focused on for you: 

Spearheading Title Operations 2.0

Our top priority for 2023? We call it Title Operations 2.0. It’s our commitment to creating a new vision for title agents, underwriters, attorney firms, and Title BPOs to restructure their workflows with smartly-deployed software bots that enhance their employee resources in every step of the title process. 

We know the challenges of effectively managing closing and settlement activities efficiently and cost-effectively. In an industry rife with differing rules and regulations, lender requirements, and client demands, production is often hampered by manual processes, chokepoints, and staffing challenges.     

By strategically and thoughtfully implementing RPA, our clients can transform these production processes into more productive and profitable systems. And by reducing the tedious, rules-based manual tasks your staff members are currently performing, you’ll see higher levels of employee satisfaction and retention, leading to a more positive work environment. And as we all know, a positive work environment is crucial to providing a better overall customer experience.

Expanding Title Hunter® and Custom Bots

Utilizing our decades of experience in the title insurance industry, we created Title Hunter® as an RPA solution to serve as digital “virtual assistants” to your title examiners.

Last year, we expanded our Title Hunter® solution into 16 states across the country with 360+ counties, providing variants of Current-Owner, Two-Owner, Updates, Pre-Search, and Tax Search products. Our goal is to grow this footprint to 20+ states while providing more customized search solutions by the end of 2023.

Why? Quite simply, our entire industry needs these solutions. Given today’s market conditions, it’s more important than ever to reduce errors and improve productivity. Title Hunter® will help our clients outpace the competition.

Entering New Market Segments

In addition to these goals, TrueFocus Automation is committed to new market segments. In particular, we see the Mortgage Origination and Servicing sector as an area perfectly primed for RPA solutions. With multiple workflows that require access to various platforms and data that has to be manually transferred between systems, we see great potential for reducing cycle times, improving loan quality, and reducing costs.

Our mission is to provide the most efficient and accurate software bots to the title and mortgage industries. As we look ahead to all that’s possible this year, we’re confident that achieving these goals will help our industry become less reliant on traditional outsourcing solutions while giving industry professionals more time to engage with their customers.

If you’d like to explore any processes you think would be candidates to automate, or are interested in learning more about Title Hunter®, contact us today.