Title agency owners have a lot to think about when trying to decide what kind of technology they need to run their business.

For instance, in developing a social media presence, you may begin by having your receptionist or office manager post to Facebook. But what if your agency has 20 locations, each with their own Facebook page? You may quickly realize you need a social media platform to manage multiple sites more effectively.

It’s also important to consider scalability to accommodate the possibility of managing additional sites in the future. You may start out with an inexpensive platform to manage a few sites and quickly realize a more sophisticated platform would have helped you assist your sales reps with their Linked In, Instagram or Twitter accounts. In other words, before you jump into a social media management platform, you will want to assess your marketing plan and how a management platform can best plug into the overall objectives.

Whenever you think about adopting any new business-enhancing technology, you need to look at your long-range business plan and ask, “Can this new technology grow with my business over time?”

Shiny new technology can be especially alluring and being an early adopter of technology has its benefits. It can help you be first to market with an enhanced service for your customers. But there can also be an advantage to taking time to study the efficacy of a new program.

As you are assessing future needs, it is crucial to talk to other business owners who have already adopted the technology you are considering. Explore how it may be helping or hindering their efforts and whether it has the potential to scale up as you grow over time.

There is a converse consideration as well. You may decide to purchase new technology with a lot of bells and whistles that you would like to implement, but soon discover that you don’t have the staff to take full advantage of them.

That’s OK in the short term if your intention is to expand your company. Having more expansive technological capability could help you focus your hiring efforts, as you can identify a specific skillset that will help you maximize your implementation of the new platform.

Coupling a thoughtful hiring plan with the adoption of new technology can ensure its usefulness in effectively grow your business – the perfect marriage! That’s the beauty of using RPA technology, or bots. They can be designed to fit your unique needs while freeing your staff to address more complex, challenging and rewarding tasks, to the benefit of your retention strategy.

The bottom line? Don’t invest in expensive technology that is never going to be fully utilized. But do shop carefully and thoughtfully for technology that will serve your needs today as well give you the capacity to scale up in the future as you expand your business.

Photo by Adeolu Eletu on Unsplash