Title Insurance

The numbers don’t lie… even offshoring comes up short in comparison to automation savings

We recently took a deep dive into our numbers to answer some of the questions we’re asked the most by peers and prospects. One area of skepticism comes from title agents who swear by the use of offshore BPO firms to manage many of the time consuming, redundant tasks that come with producing a title policy.
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Declining Revenue Shouldn’t Take Automation Off the Table for Title Firms

Expect to see title businesses continue to invest in new technology during the current slowdown. But not a spending spree. Instead, the best title business owners are already realizing that their traditionally narrow margins could soon become unacceptable margins as their profits continue to be eroded by compliance, client and market demands. And so, title businesses are moving selectively to attack specific pain points in their workflows, realizing real benefits without breaking the bank.
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Adopting new technology? Here are some due diligence basics to consider.

As you are considering the wisdom of adopting the latest innovation to address a specific business need, it might also be an opportune time to do a little analysis around your legacy systems to see what is still effective in managing and growing your business and what might actually be holding you back or slowing you down.
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